Little Xeneizes Teams U6/U7

Creating Teams

We will be looking to form teams for the Fall 2019 Season at SAM Soccer. This will consist of a minimum 8 player roster for both girls and boys teams.

Our Focus

Player development is very important to us! This is the best age to start as kids pick up on things fast!

What We teach

We teach players different skills with the ball so that they can perform during games. We teach them that it is ok to make mistakes and to keep trying until they feel comfortable applying the skill. From the U6 to the U11, all of our players know the different turns, moves, and foundations with a ball.

Game Rules / Teamwork

At Xeneizes MD, we encourage lots of teamwork! We allow players to solve game situations on their own so that they can speak, and think with each other (problem solving). We also teach them the rules of the game, Ex: If ball goes out of bound, we start with a dribble in or pass in (older groups is a throw in).

How to Register?

You can register by creating an account and selecting the Fall Season registration for Boys or Girls. You can also already register for the Spring 2020 Season!

SAm league registration

You will need to register for the league through SAM Soccer. Be sure to put down on special requests that you are with Xeneizes MD.

Winter session?

Winter practices are available as well! We will have them from 5pm to 6pm at SoFive Indoor in Rockville. We also will have indoor Futsal around Germantown that you can register for as well. You can email Matias Salina for more info!